Monday, 26 March 2012

Weekend Getaways

It’s Monday morning, which comes with the inevitable, “So, what did you do over the weekend?” Did you straighten up the house? Do some laundry? Maybe do some yard work and pick up groceries? Allow me to introduce the weekend getaway.

Weekend getaways are a great way to get out there and try something new without using your limited vacation days or spending a fortune, which means you can take more of them. This easy change of pace will break up your normal routine and get you out of the daily grind mindset. There’s no trudging through a list of chores and watching the hours tick by on your Sunday afternoon. You can use your leisure time to the fullest, and have some fun instead of worrying about Monday.

This is a good way to interject some positivity into your social life as well. If you remove yourself from your normal environment with its inevitable distractions and obligations, you can focus more fully on your friends and family. Additionally, a weekend getaway will provide you with a fun, interesting conversation topic for that dreary return to the office. There’s nothing like recalling a great trip and sharing your experiences with your coworkers to keep you on that weekend high for longer.

A shorter trip gives you all the benefits of a vacation without the stress of planning, packing, or catching your flight. You won’t have time to get bored with your vacation, and you’ll be more likely seek out memorable activities if you know you’re working with a limited amount of time. You can also give yourself a pat on the back for having some fun without adding undue stress on the environment.

There are lots of options for a quick trip away. Recently, my adventure partner and I spent the night at a local bed and breakfast that’s attached to a supposedly haunted pub. We didn’t end up seeing any ghosts, but we had a great time eating at the pub and hanging out on the river. When taking local trips like this, pretend that you’re a tourist in your own region. Do a little research for parks or attractions within a few hours’ drive of your house. It’s a cheap, easy, and fun way to learn more about your local area.

Camping is another cost-effective way to spend time with your friends and family and get some fresh air. Cooking over a campfire makes for a delicious, cheap dinner and you can easily go hiking, fishing, and swimming now that summer’s on its way.

If camping and splashing around in a lake isn’t your cup of tea, maybe try a hotel with a pool and sauna. Another option is a spa getaway with the girls. Look for hotels that offer discounts on spa packages for guests to save money while pampering yourself.

Your weekend can be easily tailored to match your interests. My adventure partner and I love trying out new foods and local beverages. We make a habit out of looking for new restaurants, beer festivals, and local wineries and breweries. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something completely new. Perhaps a hot air balloon ride, rafting down the river, or taking a photography class? The sky’s the limit, so feel free to get creative!

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