Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Odds and Ends from Bologna

K found us an unbelievable deal on the hotel we’ve been staying at for the last six days. I have no idea what kind of voodoo magic website he went to when he booked this place, but hats off to him. The only catch is that they charge for Internet, which is why you haven’t seen many posts this week. In fact, they charge for everything, so I’ve been making good use of my laundry on the road skills.

I have to add that this hotel has the weirdest toilet I’ve ever seen. It’s some kind of suction powered thing, but you have to punch this big button somewhere between 4 and 25 times before it finally “powers up” and flushes. It’s like cranking a generator, which is pretty much the last thing I want to do in the middle of the night. I’m going to have freakishly muscular thumbs by the time we leave this place. I take consolation in the fact that our neighbors appear to be having a worse time of it than we are, based on the number of times I can hear them pushing the button and yelling in their bathroom.

In other news, we’ve been exploring the local grocery stores, trying out a variety of foods and discount beverages. This afternoon we bought a bottle of 1 euro “champagne” which was so classy it decided to open itself while sitting on the desk. It was like an alcoholic shotgun went off in our room. Scared the ever-loving bejeebus out of me, which was evidenced by the screaming of “Oh holy shit!” and diving for cover.

I'll take a mimosa!

Tonight we finally went to the dive restaurant down the street from our hotel. I don’t know why this is, but in every country one rule seems to hold true: The dodgier the exterior, the better the food. This place was no exception. Their pasta rocked and they topped it off with freshly grated Parmesan. I heart Italy. I’m glad I didn’t find this gem of a restaurant until tonight, or I would have been there for every meal.

The next place we’re staying at in Croatia doesn’t have Internet either, but I imagine we’ll be able to find a cafĂ© somewhere to indulge our blogging and Cracked reading needs. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the other side of the Adriatic!

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