Friday, 23 November 2012

Turkey Day

Yesterday marked one of the greatest Thanksgivings in history for us. It started out rather stressful, but resulted in sweet, sweet victory. Winning tastes even better than homemade apple pie.

We agreed to be at the Thanksgiving party at 3 pm, but first we had to stop by HB’s house to 1) make the food and 2) bring HB and said food to the party. We needed to bring rolls, a green bean casserole, a pumpkin roll, and an apple pie. Simple. At 1:45 HB texted and asked us to bring a rolling pin and an apple corer. K immediately texted back, “You haven’t started baking anything yet?”

Then began a frenzied panic of buying groceries and assembling dishes. We made it to the party at 3:15, because we are awesome.

We celebrated Thanksgiving by mowing through an ungodly amount of food with some close friends. This was quickly followed by making shrinky dinks with the kids, and then watching some Family Guy while the kids were distracted with their new toys.

Still amused by the afternoon’s cooking session, we restarted a Words with Friends game with HB. K informed me that we were down by about 70 points. “Well,” I said, “there’s only one thing we can do. We’re going to cheat our asses off.” Sixteen hours and 300 points later, we were the clear victors.

This year I’m thankful for great friends, wonderful food, and Scrabble apps that let you enter in the best word combinations to crush your friends. I don’t even know what half these words mean, but I know I played one on a triple word score and it was glorious. Happy Turkey Day!

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