Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Apocalypse: Best Diet Ever?

So here's the thing about eating after the apocalypse: the food is great. However, I've learned a very important thing about myself. If I can't order it or make it in a microwave, I rather just not eat.

It's not like these are complicated dishes to make. You just have to boil water and dump the stuff in the pot, stirring occassionally. I can cook, but much like work, I kind of have to be in the mood to make it happen. You'd be suprised how infrequently that happens. So aside from the bag of chocolates my mom sent me for Christmas that I DID NOT OPEN EARLY and the case of Diet Coke in my fridge, I haven't really had anything.

Last night I made broccoli cheese soup and today I made mashed potatoes, but seeing as I'll have to wash our one pot in order to make more provisions, I'm probably not going to make much else today. The freeze-dried broccoli and fruit is pretty good straight out of the can though.

Thanks for leaving me out in the cold, Twinkies. Apparently you were my only shot at survival. At least now I know that a month's worth of food will last me at least three months.

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